Cooling Effect

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Cold Effect Sizegain Lube 10 Monodose 5 ml

Sizegain Plus Lube is an intimate water-based cold-effect lubricant. It acts as invigorating and max..

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Cool Power Stimulation Gel 30 ml

Power stimulation is a gel that has been specially developed for desire. It has a cold effect for a ..

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Fundamentals Kit Oral Sex

Looking to improve your experiences in oral sex? This kit features a sweet strawberry flavored Oral ..

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Greek Kiss Tingling and Cooling Gel Anal Area 15 ml

Gel for the exciting anal area with properties of flat of the Amazon with cold effect and vibration ..

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Ice Touch 80 ml

Intensify the pleasure of your relationships with this lubricant with cold effect. This lubricant ha..

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Lady Lube Cooling Water Based 100 ml

Water-based lubricant with an exciting cool effect. Suitable with the use of latex condoms. Features..

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Lubricant Durex Play Frescor 50 ml

Intimate lubricant with an exciting heat effect that will produce a soft tingling and cause an impro..

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Lubricant So Fresh Cold Efect 50 ml

Born of the slogan "Sex, Fun and Rock and roll" ("Sex, Fun & Rock and roll") and the excitement ..

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Mix Vibration Six Flavor Pack of 6 Monodose

Try INTT gels with this set of 6 delicious flavors with very different effects and all very fun and ..

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Pjur Anal Lubricant Cool 2,0 ml

Refined, stimulating cooling effect! They say opposites attract. pjur COOL plays precisely with this..

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Vibration Ice Liquid Vibrator 15 ml

Experience the sensation of cold while vibrations and pulsations run through your body with this lub..

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Water Base Lubricant Cooling Effect 150 ml

High quality water based lubricant produced by a certified German manufacturer. The special fat-free..

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