Oils and Lubes

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100% Natural Water Base Lubricant 125ml

Natural water-based lubricant that guarantees a natural pleasure, without added aromas or flavors. I..

24.08zł Ex Tax: 19.58zł

2 in 1 Aqua Base Lub 175 ml

After years of perfecting, the perfect 2-in-1 lubricant has been created. It does not dry, it is not..

18.13zł Ex Tax: 14.74zł

2Seduce Anal Relax Lubricant 50 ml

If you are thinking of introducing yourself to anal sex but you need help, 2Seduce is an intimate lu..

24.08zł Ex Tax: 19.58zł

2Seduce Female Gel Tightening 50 ml

Thanks to its formula with extracts of flowers and swamps, such as allantoin, marigold, aloe vera an..

57.69zł Ex Tax: 46.91zł

2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream 50 ml

Enjoy your relationships to the fullest with this intimate cream. It is ideal to stimulate sensitivi..

53.78zł Ex Tax: 43.72zł

2Seduce Oral Gel Strawberry 50 ml

Enjoy oral sex to the fullest with this exciting strawberry gel. It is ideal for the penis and for t..

31.74zł Ex Tax: 25.80zł

2Seduce Oral Gel Vanilla 50 ml

Enjoy oral sex to the fullest with this exciting vainilla oral gel. It is ideal for the penis and fo..

33.34zł Ex Tax: 27.10zł

3B Breast Enhancer Cream 50 ml

If you want firm breasts you have to try this firming cream. It has an exclusive formula with natura..

59.24zł Ex Tax: 48.16zł

3B Buttocks Lifter Cream 50 ml

If you want to get the buttocks and thighs you have always dreamed of, this firming cream is what yo..

49.21zł Ex Tax: 40.01zł

AID Relaxing Lubricant Be Open 90 ml

Thanks to its unique and slippery texture, this lubricant is ideal to guarantee anal relaxation in o..

31.13zł Ex Tax: 25.31zł

Aloe Vera Waterbased Lubricant - 30ml

EasyGlide Aloe Vera is a personal lubricant, for penile and/or vaginal application, intended to mois..

15.21zł Ex Tax: 12.36zł

American BIOglide con Ginseng 100 ml

American BIOglide plus Ginseng ? with tangy, fresh ginseng. The ginseng variety combines long-lastin..

27.39zł Ex Tax: 22.27zł

Anal Base Lubricant Silicone Jojoba and Panthenol 100 ml

A silicone lubricant with jojoba and panthenol, ideal for maximum enjoyment of anal sex. Thanks to t..

32.90zł Ex Tax: 26.75zł

Anal Ease - 20ml

This special Touché Anal Ease cream is formulated to ease the way to complete anal enjoyment. It con..

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